The Coach & The Champ

Coach E.McGuire & UBF Light Middleweight Champion Patrick "BossMan" Boozer

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2014 James "Lights Out Toney" Invitational

8th. Annual Amateur Boxing

Hosted by A-Square Fight Club

August 23-24th.


"Abs & Jabs Work Out"

Every Saturday & Sunday,  (1 Session on Sundays)

Start Times 8:45am, 10:45am, 12:45pm. / Sundays 1:45pm session only. 

register now for the classes that will be held at those times every Saturday and sunday $10.00 per session, or sign up for 10 or more weekends and pay $15.00 per weekend

Reserve your slot now for Abs & Jabs



 Junior Olympic Nationals


"You Don't Play Boxing"

Jasmine Hampton 5X National Champion Makes Front page on USA Boxing official website www.usaboxing.org


Coach E.McGuire, D'Amato Tyson Coach Mike Johnson


Andre Ward and Coach E.McGuire at Floyd Mayweather gym in Vegas before the Mayweather vs. Cotto fight. A few things have been said in the media back in forth, a jab or two between Floyd and J Prince. Will it wind up making a fight between the to, I doubt it, there Weights to far apart to allow that to happen middle ground would be 160lbs. to high for Floyd to low for Ward.


Boss Man Boozer, K9, George "2Gunz"Martin, and Rob "The wolf" Jones at A-Square Fight Club


James "Lights Out" Toney & Coach E.McGuire

This Photo was during the 1st. Lights Out Toney Invitational Tournament photo by "Bob Ryder"


Trow back Picture Movie Star Sam Rockwell after training with E.McGuire at A-Square Fight Club



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